Saturday, August 27, 2011

cat people only

oh, snuck in did you? Well, get your clothes pin out because this isn't going to be pretty.

Did you ever wonder why cats choose to stink up the box immediately AFTER you've just finished scooping and putting fresh litter down. It's like you cleaned the bathroom and then someone (pick a name) came in and horrified the place.

Or how about the cat that goes out - god knows why - only to come in minutes later to use the litter box, and stink the place up, thank you very much.

You would think, me working at a veterinarian an' all, I'd have some answers. And while I can guess that in instance number one I have have a fussy cat who won't take a crap unless the box is frakking pristine, instance number two just baffles me. I mean, WTF?!

damn cats.


  1. My guess is cats are just evil.

  2. errr well they wouldn't want to risk dirtying their paws before you cleaned the litter would they?

  3. Marisa, I do but sometimes they annoy me.

    Alex, you may be right or maybe Al is right and they're just fastidious little creatures, maybe even a little OCD.

  4. Awww kitties dance to their own tune and no-one else's! :-) Take care

  5. I think cats have a wicked sense of humour!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. DO they? I'm glad I don't have them ;-D I have a small dog, he messes up the back garden sometimes... le sigh.

  7. Ya gotta love 'em. Our girls watch and wait very patiently while I clean out their litter box, and then immediately jump in and have their way with it. Guess they want to make sure we don't get rid of their scent?

  8. too true, old kitty.

    Ellie, I know at least one of mine does.

    Talei, I have a dog, too, and while he does his business off yard, he has numerous other faults - counter surfing being one of them. bad dog!

    Susan, yep. that's exactly what one of mine does.

  9. Yes! Cats love those pristine litter boxes. Some will even refuse to go in one that is "cluttered." LOL Have fun! At least they (unlike dogs) can actually go by themselves. ;o)

  10. They re-fill the box after I clean it because they know how much I like searching for the buried treasure in the clumpy litter. One day I know all that digging will produce a diamond.

  11. My ferrets used to do the exact same thing. :P


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