Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a change of heart

I've decided I don't hate revisions as much as I used to. They're still tough, because when I finish something I want to be done with it for good. Except writing isn't like that. We're never done. We always think we can improve a piece. And most times we can.

For example, even though I know I'm done revising Grimoire for now (remember Arlen and her imp, Vathek?), I may well be revising it again in the future. It all depends on how well I revised it this time. The good new is my premier cp still loved the story which made me feel happy - even if she did find a number of trouble spots. I think I got them all.

meanwhile, if you don't know about it, Ellie is having a super fun blogfest and if you like Star Trek you have to sign up. I'm adding a link on my side bar so go sign up.


  1. I've never read my book after it was published because I know I'd see things I want to change!
    Looking forward to the Star Trek blogfest.

  2. I'm looking forward to the blogfest too. Even though I won't be posting, I'll be visiting everyone.

  3. Yep, revision is often never ending. ;o) Glad you finished yours and got good feedback from your CP!

  4. Yay for great feedback!! Good luck with the revisions and see you in the recreation area of NCC-1701! Take care

  5. I gotta say, I do believe there comes a time when a piece is done. That said, enjoy your blogfest and Happy Writing.

  6. Or, I should say for myself there always comes a point when the piece is done.

  7. I'm amazed when I go back and revise something I haven't worked on in awhile at how I can improve it because my writing is so much better. I haven't started anything new lately and that's making me a bit nervous.

  8. funny, i still avoid it bcuz its too much work! and i just read a post saying she thot she was done editing but someone suggested for her to print it and she is starting again!

    personally i think it never ends, theres always something that could be better... you just have to accept it as wonderful at some point!

    ps - i am giving you an award today if you want to stop by =)

  9. Tara: Who are you talking about? And why in the world would you avoid revisions? My gosh, that's part of the job.

    Natalie: I agree with the improvement and for myself find it pretty cool to see how I've gotten better as a writer, even within the same manuscript.

    Hope you get to some new stuff soon.

  10. Ellie's blogfest is going to rock! I enjoy edits. I like watching the story get better.

  11. Happy, I agree, there is a time when a piece is done (I'm thinking of The Last Unicorn and how there surely couldn't have been anything the author could've done to improve upon such a perfect book) but as authors I imagine we could go back a million times if we were allowed and change a word here, or there. Which is why it's good when we finally get published because then it's really done.

    Alex, yes, I am enjoying seeing my story getting better, which is what makes all the hard work of revisions worthwhile.

    And I can't wait for the star trek blogfest!!!


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