Tuesday, August 30, 2011

how to write a story - part two revisited

write what you know. Of course, if you're writing a romance you may never have experienced hours and hours of mind blowing sex. Or if you're writing fantasy you might not have a wand or a book of spells at your disposal. That part you might have to make up. But you can use everything else you know. Like how scared you are of the dark or the nightmares you've had or the excruciating pain you felt when your dog came barreling at you at ludicrous speed and took you out and sent you to the emergency room. Every wound you ever had, every bad experience, every slight, every kiss. They are grist for your fodder. Use them.


  1. So true. Sparking the imagination is great!

  2. It only takes a few minutes of mind blowing sex to imagine a few hours of it.

    So: well said.

  3. I second Matthew's comment! (Because it's better than what I was going to say.)
    And the last time anyone used the words ludicrous speed was in the movie Spaceballs. Good for you!

  4. thanks Liza :)

    good point, matt.

    Alex, if you saw my dog running you'd see just appropriate that phrase is.

  5. Making up stuff is the best part - but always laced with one's own experiences of course! Love the pic! Take care

  6. Very true!! And aw, I love that photo!!!


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