Wednesday, August 31, 2011

apparently, I need pizza

At least, that's what my junk folder seems to be telling me. There were a number of emails regarding pizza - which I do happen to like - along with multiples and variations of the following:

1. an old orchard master card - probably not a good idea.
2. a bra - got one, thanks.
3. hairloss - thankfully I've still got all mine.
4. plus sizes - nope, sorry, been running all summer.
5. Uggs - ok, so maybe I looked for some, just to see the styles and prices. Sadly, they were not in the budget :(
6. delicious fruit - I think that was the strangest one. 

Every now and again I take a good look at my trash folder, just to see what all the spammers are trying to sell me, what they think I need. How about you? Do you ever look? Or do you just hit delete all?

As for pizza, I like mine loaded. You?


  1. Yep, that pizza looks just about perfect. My spam gets automatically deleted, so I don't see much of it.

  2. Mmmmm...Pizza...Might have to go get some for breakfast.

  3. Everyone *always* needs pizza. So says the great and powerful Oz.

    I check my spam folder just in case. Every now and then I find something important has been marked spam for no reason.

  4. Pizza loaded (and I'm thinking for super now).
    I always check junk mail since the time Yahoo reversed my boxes.

  5. I like just cheese on my pizza. :P

    I actually don't get any spam these days, for some reason. I would have thought my Blogger email would be inundated, but it's almost always empty.

  6. I like my pizza loaded!
    I almost never get spam. At least you didn't get any for 'enlarging.'

  7. I only check my spam to rescue the non-spam stuff that sometimes gets dumped in there. Pizza sounds good. Matter of fact, this morning I bought all the ingredients to make some. If I could only have one topping, it'd have to be mushrooms. Lots and lots of mushrooms. But I also like green peppers and Italian sausage. Sometimes spinach and onions. Yeah, okay, you talked me into it. I'll have the works, please.

  8. I get naughty spam for various medications all to do with erm...enhancement! LOL!!

    I wouldn't say no to a pizza and fresh fruit though! :-) Take care

  9. I'm going to have pizza tomorrow! :) Yum. Your junk folder contains strange emails. Mine are all just telling me I won thousands of pounds in the UK lottery.

  10. my internet provider does a fairly good job in separating the junk from what I want. But not perfect. I still get occasional shite in my in box and I still sometimes find something I wanted in my junk mail. Which is why I check.

    Sounds like we're all in agreement on the pizza. Loaded it is :) and extra large so there will be some left for breakfast.

  11. OMGosh, now I'm going to have a craving for pizza! My fav is thin crust pepperoni. :)

    I do scan the titles before hitting delete because once in awhile, a non-junk email shows up in that folder.

  12. My hubby lives on pizza when I'm not around! I love pizza too though peppers make me seriously ill. :O)

  13. Oh man, that pizza looks fantastic! (and I might just call my hubs and have him bring home some right now....)

    haha, I don't even get emails for bras!! How funny. Mine are mostly that I'm a lottery winner. Boy do I wish! :)


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