Monday, March 26, 2018

Good Morning, Midnight - a review

One thing I love about a vacation is that I read a lot. I finished one book while I was in Sanibel, read two more, and started a fourth. Last week I told you about the book I finished. This time I'm going to tell you about the second book I read, Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton.

This book was compared to Station Eleven (which I really liked), prompting me to buy the kindle version. The story is focused on two characters, Augustine, a brilliant astronomer posted at a research center in the Arctic, and Mission Specialist Sullivan aboard the Aether on its return flight from Jupiter. When alarming news reaches the Arctic outpost, all the scientist evacuate except for Augustine. Not long after he discovers a child and finds that the airwaves have gone completely silent. In space aboard the Aether, Mission Control has likewise gone silent, leaving Sullivan and the rest of the crew wondering if they can still can get home, and what will they find when they get there.

I was very invested in the mystery of what happened. Why has the whole world gone silent? Who is the child and how did she get there? Will Sully get home and find her daughter? The problem was I didn't like the characters enough. Augustine got no sympathy from me. As he considers his youth while he wonders what has happened, it's obvious he was a dick. Brilliant yes, but almost sociopathic in his his dealings with other people, especially women. Sully, on the other hand, was a much more likeable character and I wanted her to get home, but I still didn't love her like I do some characters, like Kell in A Darker Shade of Magic - I'd totally hang out with him, Sully and Augustine? No thanks.

My final complaint is a spoiler so I'm going to be non-specific. Not all mysteries are solved. If they had been maybe I would feel more satisfied. But I also suspect the author felt that that was the whole point because other reviews of the book loved that everything wasn't resolved. 

At any rate, excellent writing and I would still give this book a thumbs up.

Finally, I've heard a rumor of temps in the 50s this week and I'm wicked psyched.


  1. Sanibel Island, Florida?
    I know I'm ready for spring to finally appear!

  2. Love the title and love isolated places for mysteries.

  3. It's sometimes difficult to give a book "thumbs up" when you don't particularly like the characters. This one must have enough mystery going for it to keep you interested. If all the mysteries aren't solved, maybe there's a sequel in the works?

    I read Shannon Lawrence's collection of horror stories... WOW! Super good.

    1. The writing was beautiful, no fault to be found there, and for the characters, that was the end for them. What came next didn't matter even if they lived through it. So, it's hard to give it a thumbs down.

  4. 50s? Brrrr!

    Sorry the characters weren't great. I don't mind ambiguous endings in specific cases. The rest of the time I'd like a bit of a resolution. This book doesn't sound like it's for me.

    1. I noticed the reviews for the book were divided between people who liked the ending, and people who wanted more resolution. But like I said, I think the lack of a complete and thorough resolution was intended by the author.

    2. I know, I'm excited by temps in the 50s. Pretty sad, huh? I'd really rather it was a balmy 82F :)

  5. Characters matter don't they? I don't have to love them, but they do have to behave in a congruent way. And preferably grow.
    Brilliant title.
    I seem to have been on a non-fiction/rereading kick recently.

    1. Well, these character definitely changed, which is why I did like the book, and the writing.

  6. Interesting review. Nice that you enjoyed it despite the shortcomings.

    1. Are you getting the lovely ice storm weather we're currently enjoying?

  7. I have not heard of this one. Maybe I'll give it a chance.

  8. Characters are important to me, too. Doesn't sound like a read I would enjoy much. But I wish the author all the best. Be well!

  9. Your review of Good Morning, Midnight has intrigued me enough to download a sample. Being sci-fi is half way there for me. Thanks for the review!

  10. So I had that experience with a book recently--getting to the end and all the ends weren't tied up. I met with my book club to discuss the novel, and we actually were able to collectively find all the clues that should have tied up the story for us. But it took the group. LOL.

  11. Hey, I just read A Darker Shade of Magic last week. Did I get that recommend from you? Starting the second book in the series today.

  12. Thanks for the review. Character development can be tricky can't it?
    Sanibel Island, sounds wondrous.
    Love your kitty babies.

  13. I like mysteries to be mostly solved. Usually it there's stuff left unsolved it rolls over into another book.

  14. Happy Spring eerrrr winter?

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