Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Possibly some of you may have wondered where I've been. Possibly. For those that did, I offer the best excuse ever. I've been writing. For now the only thing I will tell you about it is the title: THE EXECUTIONER.

Aside from that there are a million things I've been thinking about telling you. Like the fact that I did actually read three books in March, per my goal. The third book I finished was A Man Called Ove, which I highly recommend. It gets five stars in my book, PLUS it has what I consider a perfect ending, ie, the right ending for the story (which is purely subjective, of course).

I also wanted to tell you about Ready Player One, the movie. I reviewed the book, here, and was very much looking forward to seeing what Spielberg would do. Sadly, I was disappointed, and my brother, who listened to the book on audio, agreed. They changed a lot, and for no reason either of us could discern. If you haven't read the book then I think you would like the movie. But if you have...well, it's a maybe.

Equally important is the fact that as I write these very words an event is happening you may not know about. What is it, you ask? Why, listen, friend, and I will tell's called WriteClub

...and I was a slush pile reader I'll have you know. What did that mean? It meant reading a whole lot of 500 word pieces of fiction and then trying to pick the best. No easy task but it was fun, and now the results of my hard work - along with all the other slush-pile readers - are being posted to determine who's the best. So. Go check it out and vote!

Last but not least is a British Show on Netflix, called Retribution. It's only four episodes, but...I'm giving it the Amazon five star rating of approval. It also has a perfect ending. Have you seen it? Watching anything good? Checked out WriteClub?

I'd say I'll be back soon, but, when the muse calls...
I'll leave you with a Sanibel pic

There were a lot of these flowers at one of the places my son and I walked. Extra pretty. No idea what they are.


  1. Glad to hear you are writing. The title is intriguing.
    Wasn't A Man Called Ove brilliant? I liked it so much I bought the other novels he has written too.

  2. That's cool you were a reader for Write Club.
    I liked Ready Player One, but I've never read the book.

    1. I think anyone who hasn't read the book would probably like it.

  3. Writing is good. Glad it's going well. I have to admit I liked Ready Player One, but I have not read the book.

    1. I really wanted to like it, cuz I LOVED the book.

  4. Glad you are writing and it sounds like you’re down in Florida’s, too?

    I have decided to consolidate my two blogs (one is more professional) as I can’t see any reason to keep working on them both. In a strange way this feels like I’m coming out of the closet as I haven’t written about my livelihood. Most of my posts from now on will be at

    You’re welcome to stop by.

    1. I'm home now but I was in Sanibel, Florida, which is where I took the pic of the flower. There were tons of them at this one preserve. I will check out your other blog!

  5. Love that Write Club logo, LOL! Have never heard of this, so thanks for the link. Went over and voted in the first three bouts. Boy, it's a long contest but I think I'm hooked!

  6. Hope you will like Ove on film too! Methinks you need to ad an adjective in front of Executioner, it always makes it more memorable :) Not of course, Bastard Executioner like in that horrid show two years ago :)

    1. Have you read the book and/or seen the film? I sooo loved the book.

    2. the film was lovely, haven't read the book, but it is a huge hit here as well!

  7. Writing comes first. That makes sense to me.

  8. Sorry to hear Ready Player One is disappointing to those who have read it. I found A Wrinkle in Time a bit of a let down, too.

    1. Yeah, I'm not going to go see A Wrinkle in Time. I want the book to be my memory of it.

  9. So glad you're writing! I'm on target with completing fifty thousand fresh words of prose for the Camp NaNo April writing challenge. I intend to join in that fun in July, as well. You can choose any goal you want, including hours spent writing or number of pages plus any amount of words. I always go for broke and choose 50k, imitating the official National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge in November. Happy Writing and Reading!

    1. Glad to hear you're on target and happy writing to you as well!

  10. Oh geez! Why do they mess with a good book on film? I'm sorry to hear you say this. I was thinking about seeing it, but I always pause when it's a book made into a film. #sigh I'm thrilled to hear you're writing again! That's wonderful. And I have been one of those thinking about you. I, too, have been kind of distant in the blogosphere, so I totally get it. But I always think about my blogging buds, no matter how much time goes by. Good luck with this manuscript. I've finished my second book in my MG series, but I'm now considering changing a major part in it. More work ahead.

    1. I think anyone who hasn't read the book will probably like it, because it is fun. But a lot of the parts I was looking forward to didn't play out the way I expected. Good luck with that major change!

  11. Okay, I love the title, Executioner! I bet it will be awesome!!!

    Anyway, I hope you're doing well. Glad you're writing like crazy. I'll have to check out that Brit series. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I hope The Executioner will be awesome. That's the plan!

  12. Writing isn't an excuse at all. It's a valid reasons to do just about nothing else (easy for me to say, right?).

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